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Cancellation Policy
What is's Cancellation Policy?
How do I cancel my Order?
I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund?
What is's Return Policy? How does it work?
How do I return a product on
You can place a 'Return Request' under the 'My Orders' section of main menu

Choose the product you want to return
Click on 'Return' option
Select the reason for return. Please note that selecting the right reason for return will help us service you better
Click on 'Place Return Request' and you are done
Your schedule for pickup will be informed via a message.

Please Note: Items must be returned in their original packaging, including hangers, polybags, hang tags on garments, shoe boxes, dust bags and gift boxes. Items must be unused, unworn, unwashed, and undamaged

How do I get my refund for request on
Will pick up my returned productInsert your text here



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